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Macross Frontier OST 1 Nyan Fro. Liner Notes

I brought you translated stuff from canon! These are liner notes from the first OST that came from the CD jacket, but with two characters talking about the soundtrack IC-ly.

Translated by Gubaba at Macross World, but I originally found it at the Gabriela Robin fansite.

Nyan Fro is a nickname for “Nyan Nyan Frontier.” This album collects nothing but the hottest hits from some of the girls of Frontier. [Translation note: the Japanese character used for “Nyan” is the same as is used for “girls”]

The following two people will speak:

Elmo Kridanik - Supervisor at the Entertainment Business Office, Vector Promotion. He is also a music critic. Hereafter referred to as E).

Carmen Oyamashita (Dai-Charisma Criticism) - Active on board Frontier. Self-professed Sheryl look-a-like. Hereafter referred to as C).

01. Frontier 2059
E) The music carries the theme of Frontier Now! Well, doesn’t it? I think the orchestra is the Frontier Symphony Orchestra. It really stirs up the opening of the album, doesn’t it?

C) Wasn’t it the theme for Frontier News…? Huh? It wasn’t? Oh.

02. Welcome To My FanClub’s Night! (Sheryl On Stage)
E) Originally from 2058 Galaxy Live. Including this tour, this song is always the opening, and “What ‘bout my star” always follows it in performance. It’s a fixed set. The first night of her Frontier sets has so far been the only exception. A plausible rumor that has been whispered is that the setlist was quickly changed because Sheryl took offense to the promotion side’s request that some amateur pilots appear on stage with her.

C) At the concert the other day at Tenkumon Hall, of course I also witnessed that historic moment of the century. Usually at Sheryl’s concerts, this song is first. During the call of S.O.S. (Sheryl On Stage), everyone is sure to be pumping his or her fist.

03. What ‘bout my star? (Sheryl On Stage)
E) Sheryl’s fourth single, released in July 2057. From the same concert as the previous track. It’s magnificently preformed, of course, but you should also please give a listen to Miss Ranka later on the album…

C) “Suddenly, what about my star?” is the question attack asked by this surreal pop dance music. Of course, it was a big hit on Frontier and many other places. Sheryl has an almost dizzying glamour. Now, I’m only speaking for myself, but for people who live in space, between the Sheryl style and the Mijinko style, if asked which one, I’d go for Sheryl style. I feel a little bashful about it, though. Certainly, our ways of life are pretty similar, so I feel pretty sympathetic towards her.

04. Sagittarius 9:00 PM Don’t Be Late
E) From the 2059 Frontier concert at Tenkumon Hall. When this, Sheryl’s fifth single, was released in November of 2058, it stayed at the top of the Universal Board for 17 straight weeks, shattering the records for the biggest of big hit songs. At the time of its release, a rift was created inside the fan club out of jealousy between the fans born in Sagittarius and those born elsewhere. The split got more and more intense until finally the fan club divided into two factions. By the way, the Tenkumon Hall concert was originally scheduled for March First, but because of the effects of fold dislocation, the communication between Sheryl’s side and the promotion side wasn’t good, so the result was that the preparations for the concert were done at the last minute, and it was postponed until March Second. So the concert poster’s date was incorrect, and the staff had one day to correct all of the posters by hand.

C) Young or old, men or women, everybody knows this song. In the club, when that “Motte-ke!” hits, even I start dancing while holding a folding fan…I don’t believe it, I never thought Sheryl would come to us on Frontier! The living, breathing Sheryl! Oh yeah, I also got the poster, but it’s the corrected version. I think the uncorrected ones are pretty rare.

05. Vital Force
E) Such a brave sound for the orchestra! Did they use this one for some kind of military ceremony? I’m sorry, I don’t think classical style music is terribly cheery.

C) … *crunch, crunch, crunch* (currently eating a Zentradi carrot snack.)

06. Triangler
E) The theme song for “Triangler,” the MBS trendy drama depicting the lives of Lt. Hikaru Ichijo, Captain Misa Hayase, and Lynn Minmay, the heroes of Space War I. Among other things, the opening “Ki~mi wa~da~re~to~ki~su o su~ru~” [“Who are you going to kiss”] won the Popular Saying Grand Prize, making it a true social phenomenon. The singer, Sacamotomaaya, is an up-and-coming Zentradi Musical actress.

C) Anybody see the final episode?

07. Zero Hour
E) The theme music for the Documentary Show “Passionate Runner.” …It’s got that kind of feeling, right?

C) I just want to say that one time at “Big Akemi,” a bar at the Zentradi Mall, I sat next to the songwriter for this track.

08. What ‘bout my star @Formo
E) Miss Ranka’s voice is truly full of love, isn’t it~~~? Miss Ranka got her big break singing the ending theme for the motion picture “Bird Human,” and also was a pioneer of the “Guerilla Street Live” at Formo, the shopping mall inside Island Three. At that time and place, the Sales Robots and passers-by who happened to be there recorded some precious live music footage on the cell-phone cameras. When I approached Sheryl’s camp to gain permission to include this take on the album, Sheryl herself said, “Because it’s my song, I want to make it more stylish,” and she took the master and made this “completed” version. It looks like the version with only our Miss Ranka has been erased. It’s truly regrettable.

C) Hey, wow, isn’t this the legendary guerrilla live song? It’s amazingly rare, right? Yeah, totally.

09. Innocent Green
E) Isn’t the theme of some trendy love drama? And I think the Frontier Symphony Orchestra is playing on it.

C) Oh yeah, I know that composer…super popular…uh, I forget the name…

10. Aimo
E) Composer Unidenitfied. Outside of Ranka Lee singing it whenever she feels like it, this song is unknown. Later, it was expanded into the ending theme for the film, “Bird Human.” This take is a demo created for the production of the version of the song heard in the film. This is the most precious version. Ranka Lee’s Super Dimension Cinderella Story all started here.

C) Sorry, but this song reverberates through my body strangely. It’s disturbing feeling. I’d rather listen to Sheryl sing anytime.

11. Big Boys
E) Is this from some army movie soundtrack?

C) Excuse me, is it okay if I blow my nose?

12. Private Army
E) A little bit of an ethnic feel here, must be the writer’s taste…

C) …Yeah, that’s right! I’ve heard that the composer is some kind of alien we haven’t seen before.

13. SMS Squadron Song ~ That Chick’s an Alien
E) Exactly why this song was made and how they got a squadron to sing it is entirely unknown, but it’s a song that a drunk, macho group that hang around the bars in the vicinity of Frontier Ave. in San Francisco like to sing a lot. It’s got quite a bit of wasted energy, but it’s remarkably lacking in refinement, isn’t it? Why it’s even on this album is also unknown.

C) Oh…this is…wow. I’m entranced. I can’t resist the macho-ness (is it the literary style nowadays?) of the ésprit…I recognize it. It’s a myself-ish deculture!

14. Carrot Loves you yeah!
E) The campaign song for the “Seven-color Carrots,” giant vegetables meant for the Zentradi, as sung by our Miss Ranka Lee at Formo, the aforementioned Zentradi mall. The carrot on her head and the full-body tights were pretty cute, weren’t they?

C) Oh, yeah, wow…our whatever whatever Miss Ranka was still a real nobody when she sang this treasure. The memory is still fresh of trading valuable pictures of the carrot headgear to Wednesday Magazine [Cultural note: In Japan, Friday Magazine is a scandal tabloid]. After getting her song selected for that movie, it seems like she’s gotten popular really quickly, but still…Hmph. Oh well, she’s cute enough, I guess.

15. “Super Dimension Chinese Restaurant Nyan Nyan” CM Song (Ranka Version)
E) This commercial song was first sung by Frontier’s most popular smiling talent, Lin Minmé, but here, in an effort to boost sales, it’s been replaced by a version sung by our idol, RANKA LEE!! Clearly, our Ranka has won overwhelmingly! By the way, her personal history is that before her debut, she worked at the Nyan Nyan restaurant on Clearing Road in Pearl Center, and once that rumor reached her fans, they started pouring into the shop. Apparently, the owner, hearing that business had shot up, decreed that she would be used for the commerical instead.

C) It’s already the 50th Anniversary of the Super Dimension Chinese Restaurant. I was still a little girl when this beloved commercial started airing. Now it’s Ranka Lee, but many popular idols have sung this song. And, well…it’s not bad…but it certainly does make me wonder why they replaced the original Lin Minmé version.

16. Alto’s Theme
E) This sounds like it’s from some kind of movie soundtrack. But exactly what it’s the theme for is unknown. Just, it seems like this composer also like ethnic music.

C) I suddenly feel like getting some ramen…I wonder why…?

C) I’ve heard scattered things about what this composer has said, like that three quick beats represents the hero, and four beats represents the villain.

18. The Target
C) …and THIS composer, I’ve heard, has fifteen hands and can create sheet music for up to ten songs simultaneously. The other five hands are used for eating snacks, or so they say.

19. Vajra
E) This has an orchestra sound. That’s all.

C) I don’t remember anything about this one except that the composer’s favorite thing is lemonade.

20. Twinkle
E) This has a minimalist sound. I like it.

C) I have a rule to never say the same things others have said.

21. Aimo ~ Bird Human
E) The ending theme for George Yamamori’s film, Bird Human. At first, our own RANKA LEE!! was cast as a villager, but during photography, Mr. Yamamori chanced upon a place where she was singing, and moreover, some trouble surfaced with the actress playing Mao, so Miss Lee was selected for the role. The original ending theme was quickly changed to this song, but that wasn’t the only surprise. No no no no no. Truly, there was some incredibly ULTRA SUPER BIG NEWS! No, really, you’ll faint when you hear it. As a result of the song, the movie was a big hit! It became the birth of Miss RANKA LEE!!!!, our Super Dimension Idol!

22. Take Off
E) It’s a orchestra. I don’t really like instrumental tracks.

C) Oh, this is the opening theme for that big science fiction movie blockbuster. …Huh? …It’s not? Oh.

23. Infinity
E) Sheryl’s third single, released in 2057. It was already a big hit on the Galaxy Network when MBS decided to use it as the theme song for a drama because of Sheryl’s popularity. It then spent eight weeks at number one on the Universal Board.

C) Hmm-hmm-hmmmmm-HMM-hmmm-HMMMM-Hmmmmm… (Ms. Carmen, suddenly overcome by emotion, has started singing)

24. Diamond Crevasse
E) A ballad recorded for Sheryl’s 2057 album. It’s always performed live. There’s rumor that Sheryl sang this song for a popular actor or actress who was leaving Galaxy, and speculation about who this might be created a lot of confusion on the Galaxy Network.

C) This song hasn’t moved from the number one spot on the Frontier Office Ladies’ “Songs that Make You Cry” Ranking.

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