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Player Information

Name: Pam
Contact: [ profile] redlamps
Age: 20+
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information

Name: Sheryl Nome
Canon: Macross Frontier
Canon Point: Post-series (Episode 25)
Age: 17

History: Sheryl's story began in Macross Galaxy, a highly industrialized chemical plant fleet devoid of plant life, but filled with cybernetic implants, which are gadgets embedded into a person's body parts. She was the granddaughter of Mao Nome, a renowned scientist who studied the Vajra — giant biomechanical alien bugs — along with her cyborg associate, Grace O'Connor. There were few mentions of Sheryl's parents (or rather, just her mother as her father wasn't mentioned, though side material implied that Sheryl had both parents*), but they were assassinated for getting in the way of Grace's plan.

[*- According to Sheryl: Kiss of the Galaxy AU manga, Sheryl's parents were murdered for rebelling against the mandatory usage of implants in Galaxy. Also, their names were Sally Nome and Abel Coureaux.]

Grace wanted to combine the technology from the implants and the fold quartz (a special gem that conducts fold waves) as cores, and use the Vajra's communication network to achieve a state of combined human consciousness. She was in cahoots with the entities of the Galaxy fleet, plotting to take over the entire galaxy and enslaving the Vajra so they could be used as her army. Her plan also involved humanity's thoughts forcibly merged, or else they would die. Grace was even willing to use Sheryl as a tool for this.

At seven years old after her parents' death, Sheryl wound up living in the slums of Galaxy, homeless and picking through garbage just so she could eat. Her fate took a drastic change, however, when Grace found her and took her in, and it was right then when Sheryl finally found a chance to live normally — or so it seemed. Grace claimed that Sheryl needed to be checked into a hospital due to an infection, but in reality, she deliberately injected the girl with the V-Type virus. Sheryl was then unwittingly placed in the Fairy 9 project, a twisted experiment where Grace planned to use the disease through Sheryl to control the Vajra — one part for the aforementioned human consciousness plan and the other part as revenge against Mao. It was twisted because Sheryl undergone a backlash of pain when she was injected with the V-Type infection. She lived through that and was known to be the only survivor of the experiment, which was why Grace had high hopes for her.

[Side-note: half of the above paragraph was information gleamed from the CD drama episode "Galaxy Memory", which is part of anime canon.]

As a young girl who seemed to have a normal life again, however, Sheryl had fond memories of Grace. Around that time, she started to gain a passion for music. She eventually took up singing with Grace as her manager, and the rest was history.

Ten years later, Sheryl had become a famous intergalactic pop star, whose chart-topping hits and exuberant act on stage earned her the nickname of "Galactic Fairy". During a press conference, she announced her lengthy concert tour across the galaxy, with her final stop being the 25th bioplant space fleet, Macross Frontier.

Her official arrival in Frontier led to her path being intertwined with two people: Ranka Lee, an aspiring songstress and number one fan, and a pilot named Alto Saotome. Sheryl first encountered Alto in her concert during an aerial stunt gone awry; while showing off his flying skills, Alto moved out of formation and accidentally knocked Sheryl off stage. Immediately, he flew down and caught her in mid-air, in which she ordered him to keep flying. Showing off her improvisation skills, she kept performing as he held her, as though the mishap from earlier was nothing. Meanwhile, Ranka was in the audience and looked at the sight in awe.

However, Sheryl's concert was soon interrupted by the first wave of Vajra attacks. Emergency messages were broadcasted all over the place and people immediately scrambled for the nearest shelters, all while the Vajra penetrated Frontier's defenses and headed towards civilian territory. Sheryl was being escorted to safety when Alto suddenly confronted her, yelling at her for leaving her fans behind while she escaped. After being told by Sheryl that he should let the professionals handle it, Alto gained a sour impression of the idol.

The next day, Sheryl attempted to track Alto down after watching concert footage because one of her earrings was missing. On her way over she encountered Ranka, who talked about how much she loved Sheryl and how she wanted to become a singer just like her. Alto found the girls, but circumstances involving another Vajra attack caused all three people to be trapped in an emergency shelter together. Sheryl and Alto bickered and bantered, Ranka felt worried for the people at SMS and her brother Ozma, and the shelter was quickly losing air supply. Fortunately, Grace and the military were able to rescue them, and it was at that point where Sheryl encouraged Ranka to pursue her dreams.

Throughout the series, Sheryl continued to see Ranka and Alto often with more interactions on their end. During the Miss Macross contest, Sheryl was the guest judge and she told Ranka, who was a contestant at the time, to follow her without hesitation. With Alto, she made him give her a tour around Frontier, which led to a significant amount of bonding between the two, with Sheryl's acknowledgement that she liked him because he treated her normally despite her celebrity status. Their friendship solidified further after Galaxy was attacked by the Vajra, which led to Sheryl confiding in Alto about her earrings being a memento from her mother and how she hated living in Galaxy due to not having any relatives. Then, she returned the earring Alto recently found and told him he could use it as a good luck charm. Sheryl still encouraged Ranka to become an idol, and still bantered with Alto even as she ultimately enrolled in the same school as him, Ranka, and their other friends. The love triangle between the three characters strengthened during the filming of a movie where Ranka obtained the lead role, and that was when Sheryl kissed Alto at the beach. Her assertiveness progressed further when she invited Alto to join her for a relief concert at Gallia-4, with a free bonus that he could fly in a real atmosphere.

A series of dark events were about to unfold, however, when Sheryl started to show signs of her weak health, and she was held hostage along with her crew and Alto by the Zentradi fleet at Gallia-4. Ranka's popularity skyrocketed after she pacified the aforementioned Zentradi fleet and showed signs that her songs affected the Vajra. Meanwhile, Sheryl's career was slowly decaying, and Grace discarded her and plotted to kill her when she destroyed Gallia-4 with a nuclear weapon known as the Dimension Eater. Luckily, Sheryl was able to leave the planet safely after Alto's friend Michael picked her up in his plane.

More scenes of Sheryl cooped up in the hospital ensued, along with a playful song battle against Ranka for Alto's affections, until she finally confronted Grace. That was when she realized the painful truth: that she was actually dying due to the V-Type infection, and that Grace was responsible for it. Denial set forth at first, but a Cosmo Nature article about the V-Type infection confirmed Sheryl's fears. Cue the scene of Sheryl stumbling outside in the rain, seeing Ranka on the big screen, and crying at the realization of her impending death and being forgotten. Also she had a hallucination of Alto reaching out to her, only it was Yasaburo, Alto's brother, instead and she fainted.

After some recovery in the Saotome estate, Sheryl announced to Alto that she would quit singing because she had done what she wanted to do with her songs. Not used to seeing his friend as someone who gave up, he yelled at her, pointing out how she had once told him and Ranka that she never came this far by luck, but through hard work and how she always took control of her fate, except Sheryl claimed that it was all a lie. Needless to say Alto was pissed, questioning Sheryl's "Galactic Fairy" title and telling her to come see Ranka's concert at Mihoshi Academy. Over at the school rooftops, it took Alto's assertions that Sheryl could never truly give up singing, plus mentioning that her songs touched the hearts of many people, to snap her out of her funk.

Another Vajra attack happened during Ranka's concert, this time leaving majority of Frontier in ruins. With Ranka refusing to sing to stop the Vajra, crying out that she wasn't a tool, Sheryl literally slapped sense into her friend before pulling her into a hug and gently convincing her to do what she had to do, that she was a professional and her singing voice had power. A series of continuous assaults from the Vajra led to Ranka being unable to fully pacify due to huge discomfort, the SMS fighting against the alien bugs themselves, and civilians heading straight to the emergency shelters, including Sheryl. It was after seeing many people frightened at the war and destruction that Sheryl decided to sing for them in the middle of despair.

She resumed her career, this time with a new manager and songs. During her performance at a charity event, her voice started emitting fold waves due to the severity of her disease. After the government declared Ranka a traitor for leaving Frontier, Sheryl was taken in as a replacement, so now she could affect the Vajra with her songs. While her fold waves weren't as strong as Ranka's, the fold quartz earring she usually wore amplified them, assisting her. Later on, Alto had found out about Sheryl's condition; he was upset that she didn't tell him earlier and, feeling worried, told her she didn't have to sing anymore. Naturally, Sheryl refused, claiming that her music was proof that she existed. She asked for the courage to keep singing after Alto embraced her, telling her he'd be by her side.

The Frontier fleet proceeded to create a plan to stop the Vajra — to break through their defenses, defeat the Vajra Queen (essentially the queen bee equivalent), and attack their planet to colonize it. For that plan, Sheryl's songs were used as a distraction for the Vajra. Alto and Sheryl had one last visit before the battle, with Alto vowing to return alive and mentioning how people couldn't fly alone. He was about to say something else until Sheryl silenced him with a kiss, then saying that she wouldn't be able to sing if he said anything. She promised she'd listen to what he had to say once the war was over, but he had to focus on rescuing Ranka.

The final battle consisted of a brainwashed Ranka leading the Vajra against Frontier's army with casualties coming from both sides. Thankfully, Alto and Sheryl were able to free Ranka, just in time for the latter to soothe the Vajra with her songs and cure Sheryl — by simply transferring the bacteria that were in Sheryl's brain down to her stomach. Now that her powers were a lot stronger, Sheryl joined forces with Ranka to free the Vajra from Grace's manipulation. Their combined musical talents lured those bugs to Frontier's side. The war was over, Grace was defeated, and everyone in Frontier headed straight for the Vajra planet. In the end, humans and Vajra were able to co-exist peacefully. Sheryl, Ranka, and Alto happily reunited in their new home under an endless blue sky.

Personality: Sheryl would seem like a self-absorbed and entitled diva, arrogance and vanity exuding with every word out of her lips. Given how extremely popular her songs had become with her fanbase ever since they topped the charts multiple times, she developed a rather large ego concerning her career. This is all because she loved to sing, though; she took extreme pride in her profession and worked extra hard to support her reputation across the galaxy, causing her to embrace her perfectionist nature. It was shown a few times in the series that she always wrote her own songs and made sure her concerts were done in a timely manner. While this showed that she loved her job and fans, it also had the side effect of the idol coming off as very controlling at times, demanding things to be a certain way or sometimes having unrealistic expectations from people.

Still, there is a lot more to Sheryl than her diva-like presence on stage. She always loves to proclaim "I'm Sheryl Nome!", or any variation thereof, because she puts a lot of faith in her abilities and does her best to overcome any obstacles in her way — very headstrong and confident for sure. Whenever someone expresses doubts in her actions, she'll mention that she can do it because, in her words: "after all, I am Sheryl". Determined, she never gives up until she's done with a task, whether it's to survive being trapped in an emergency chamber that's losing air supply, or to recklessly ride an EX-Gear so she can retrieve her stolen underwear. Even though she can appear very spoiled, she tries to resolve things herself if the situation calls for it, not asking for help unless it's necessary. People can say she's lucky, but she'll say how she worked hard for her achievements, as well as why she's able to be herself and take matters into her own hands. While she's upfront about getting what she wants, she wouldn't actively hurt anyone.

Outside her busy schedule, Sheryl is actually quite upbeat and friendly — even playful and eccentric at times. This woman who chastises someone for bringing amateur stunt pilots to her concert is also the same one who catches butterflies with her hands, or writes down lyrics on giant pink underwear. Also, she has no problems flaunting her own looks or appreciating someone else's, like when she compliments a person's body proportions, shamelessness be damned. There's a scene where Sheryl gropes her own breasts in front of Alto, playfully stating that they give people "hopes and dreams".

That said, Sheryl still maintains class outside concerts, insisting that donning revealing outfits on stage has nothing to do with her personal life. She's also perceptive to people's emotions, like when she knew about Ranka's crush on Alto or guessed that Yasaburo sheltered her in the Saotome estate so Alto could be convinced to take up kabuki again.

Additionally, Sheryl is capable of becoming closer to someone once they get past her barriers. She is more than willing to help a person out if they need it, like Ranka who wanted to become a singer. Sheryl became a mentor/big sister figure to Ranka, encouraging the girl to follow her dreams and giving her advice. Even when both girls turn into rivals in music and romance, Sheryl never puts Ranka down or hates her; in fact, they still remain close friends. Around Alto, she flaunts her mischievous side when she flirts with him, teases him relentlessly, and tries to boss him around. Because he actually treats her like a normal person instead of placing her up in a pedestal, she wanted to grow closer to him, even through constant bickering back and forth since they're both stubborn like mules. As she fell in love with him, she tried to cover up any embarrassment during emotional situations. For example, when she stole Alto's kiss, she laughed it off with a blush.

With all the bravado she puts up, Sheryl doesn't take well to anything that threatens her "can do" efforts, and this leads to reckless behavior. A fever didn't stop her from going to Gallia-4 for a morale boosting concert, but she wouldn't have become critically ill had she taken care of herself. Ranka was also able to do things that Sheryl couldn't, such as perform for the Zentradi fleet at Gallia-4 and travel with Alto in a real sky — the latter was a "birthday present" that Sheryl wanted to give to him herself. Needless to say, she felt jealous of Ranka's rising success and thus, her doubts came to light when she temporarily quit singing.

Underneath her confident exterior lies someone who's capable of feeling very insecure and vulnerable. After learning about Grace's true intent, Sheryl felt betrayed, hurt, and angry that the one person she trusted had used her for malicious purposes. When she found out about her disease, she first thought of Alto because she didn't want him to worry about her constantly. On a somber note, she secretly has a fear of being alone. This stemmed from her childhood in the slums, remembering how cold Galaxy was without friends or family.

Overtime, she learned to be more humble and realized that she needed to be there for everyone, even through times of complete despair. As she once stated, she hated not doing something when she had the ability to do it, which was why she sang to the people trapped in the emergency shelter during a Vajra attack. She took up singing once more, this time to lift the spirits of everyone in Frontier, even if it would cost her life. Also, she recognized that it was okay to borrow strength from others, such as Alto and Ranka, and that it would help her become a stronger woman in return. For example, she admitted to Alto that she felt lonely and scared. In a way, the dark moments Sheryl had been through shaped her into a better person with a strong resolve to keep singing — not just for herself, but for everyone.

No matter the situation, Sheryl always strives to be the best, to surpass herself in every way so everyone can listen and relate to her songs. Ambition and a passion for music are what rescued her from continuing to live in obscurity and loneliness. Behind the thick amounts of arrogance lies a compassionate and idealistic woman with an enthusiasm for love and life.


In canon, Sheryl's power lies within her voice, or specifically her songs, which can affect a bio-mechanical alien bug race known as the Vajra. Communicating with the Vajra is possible through special signals known as fold waves, but only if the person develops the V-Type infection. Said V-Type infection comes from the bacteria that mainly reside within the Vajra's stomachs, and are caused by the transfer of blood and other bodily fluids. The bacteria are usually harmless if they remain in the stomach linings and intestines. In Sheryl's case, however, she had the infection in her brain, with its toxins spreading throughout her body which deteriorated her health. Simply put, she was dying.

Because of the disease, however, Sheryl can now emit fold waves within her voice, therefore being able to communicate with the Vajra. One way to amplify the fold waves is through singing and wearing her earring made of fold quartz, a purple gem that comes from the Vajra. Her power wasn't so strong initially, though, due to the V-Type infection embedded in her brain and her health problems that stemmed from it. However, Ranka is able to safely migrate the bacteria down to Sheryl's intestines, therefore curing her friend and making her power grow stronger.

As such, Sheryl can "talk" to the Vajra by singing to them, and this manipulates their mood and thought process — be it by calming them down, or to prevent them from attacking. One important example is where Sheryl and Ranka combined their singing talents in the battlefield to free the Vajra from Grace's control, luring them to protect Frontier and helping them understand humans through song.

To sum it up, Sheryl's ability is essentially vocal hypnosis for alien bugs.

Strengths: Charismatic, playful, determined, compassionate, confident
Weaknesses: Narcissistic, haughty, demanding, lonely, stubborn

God/Shinki: God
Why?: Sheryl is the type who would pin fate to the floor, put a collar on it, and make it her bitch. More importantly, she's a woman who started out with nothing and became an influential figure through hard work and sheer willpower. Certainly she would know a thing or two about power and how it works, from working in the music industry and using her own songs to help the soldiers. She'd be someone who creates her own path and doesn't take "no" for an answer, all the while trying to be a role model to anyone that needs her.

Her ego is certainly god-like, with her constant proclamations that she's Sheryl. But then again, this is the same woman who survived living in the slums, a life-threatening disease, and giant space bugs.

Top 3 Choices:
1) Euterpe (also here)
2) Terpsichore
3) ClĂ­odhna

God Type: As a god, Sheryl will happily proclaim that she's the goddess of entertainment and as such, singing and dancing are expected. It's not too different from being an idol, only with more responsibilities thrust upon her. Morale boosting is one of several skills she can do, so she'd do whatever it takes to make her followers happy even in the midst of despair. She wants to inspire people to follow their dreams and actually fight tooth and nail to get what they desire the most. Additionally, she'd gladly give out advice to help people out if need be — especially if it relates to romance.

Sheryl will take any requests that involve improving someone's self-esteem, bringing some extra spice to a dull routine, and putting herself in fun antics, really.

Power: Song Augmentation/Vocal Hypnosis. Her singing voice can be used as a weapon to manipulate those who hear her, whether it's by boosting her allies' powers or stunning her enemies into not attacking her.

Writing Sample

Sample: Sheryl in a canon setting!


Anything Else?: N/A