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Sheryl's IC blog!

Translated by Ickem at Animesuki! Here's the original blog. Because I'm an organization wench, I'll list the entries in IC order with the links via anchors, though I'll set aside the dateless ones in a separate category.

Conversation about Sheryl's lack of knowledge about cucumbers
rei_lied: Sheryl doesn't even know what's a cucumber! haha! so funny!

kilroy0097: I guess Galaxy being so technologically advanced perhaps does not have the agriculture that Frontier has and hence maybe they eat nothing but vitamin supplemented processed foods and the such. With the possibility of a few fresh fruits and produce. Sucks to be on Galaxy and like food I guess.

Ickem: Galaxy has absolutely no plantlife on it. This is one of the key themes of many of her blog entries as it helps to contrast it to Frontier's bioplant system. They import everything so it isn't surprising that she's never seen a cucumber.

Translation from one of Ranka's blogs
"Sheryl Nome does not know the meaning of the words "giving in to flattery".

P.S. Ranka is such a Sheryl fangirl.

?? ?? ????

Title: New Album Recording

I'll be recording a new album from today on.

What kind of song will it be this time...?
I'm asked this in interviews quite often,
this is such an absurd question.

In order to give an explanation for something, you first have to experience it, am I right?

But you can never recreate the same song.

I'm not talking about quality.
(Speaking of which, if you're a pro it is obvious that you would try for the finest quality.)

I don't mean that,
I mean the emotions that you put into it mixed with the atmosphere.

Just as how human cells are reborn every day,
songs become different in that instant.

No one thinks about drinking water that they had already poured out the day before, right? -unreadable-

You fill today's glass with today's song.

Well then, I will pour my song in great quantity. -unreadable-


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?? 22, 2058

Title: I was very into it.

Did everyone see it?

The "Kiddy Lady Gal" auteur collection.

This time it was a wedding theme.

I only designed one of the final details, but I was very into it, wasn't I?

It was absolutely perfect.
The theme was the sound of dance.

the beating of a person's heart,
a kiss,
the words
"I love you,"

they all carry the sound of dance.

The dress brings the universe's most joyous sound to the ears of the women who wears it and allows it to reverberate for eternity.


I pray that a man that I would willingly wear this special dress for appears.


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October ??, 2058

Title: Lately

This one seems to be directed towards a certain person and goes on to say that there's no need for feedback comments since Sheryl is herself and the other person is the other person. She suggests that the person should let her know about what he is feeling if they should ever meet. She's also not very hotheaded when discussing her opinion (according to her).

(I didn't really get this one. I guess someone left her a less than flattering message about something.)

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October ??, 2058

Title: I'm awesome.

I finally understood this today.

I'm awesome.

I finished a great song.

I sang a great song.

I brought forth the me of now through my lips,
it feels so nice that it seems as if my entire body has been turned inside out.

This is why I cannot stop singing!!

I want it too floor everyone's brains already. (I'm not sure about this since the corruption gives me a snowman and a skull and crossbones symbol)

Because worries, uncertainty, tears, and pain are taken along for the ride.

Don't be late☆


Picture caption: When I am recording in the studio, it is always this mic.

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October 2, 2058

Title: Right now I'm wearing...

She's wearing black and pink since these are colors you can relax in and they can stimulate. She recently went to a showroom on her time off and found the coolest bathtub that had black cat feet for legs. She was really taken with it, but when she got it home it wouldn't fit through the doorway to the bathroom. There's nothing for her to do but to move.

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November ??, 2058

Title: Of course

She starts off by asking if people have gotten her latest single yet since it'll allow them to listen to her songs whenever they want. She then tells the story of how the single was recorded. It was recorded at Q-Dream-St, which is located on the highest place on Galaxy. The ceiling is transparent so you can "sing while feeling the power of the sky". There are also pictures being taken of the "Three Shone" (no idea what this is) in the studio by Ryu, a photographer. These wonderful pictures help to stimulate her voice's imagination. She specifically asked for Ryu and gave him a copy of the single, but he already had five of them. It seems that even someone as untalkative as him was impressed with her singing. She ends by asking if there is anyone still reading the blog and says that if they had so much free time they should listen to her song already!

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November ??, 2058

Title: I have...

No interest in school.

But...Thank you everyone.

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December ??, 2058

Title: Boring Interview

She starts off by wondering why such things exist then goes off on a tangent about food. It turns out that she can cook and makes a comment about how the stereotype that pretty girls can't cook are only true about girls from years old anime. "Who the hell do you think I am? I'm Sheryl Nome!" It ends with her wondering what she was first trying to say.

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December 7, 2058

Title: You know what?

She starts of by saying something really shitty happened and brings up an old saying about how a girl's heart and face become ugly when she is complaining. Of course her beauty is such that a little complaining will not harm it. It seems one of her staff members lost a pair of her favorite shoes so she says she fired them and forced them to walk home naked. Of course she's kidding since that would be excessive even for her, but it's troublesome since she has to punish them somehow. She compares it to how a dog would bewildered if its owner doesn't punish it when it does something wrong. She only buys shoes from the finest cobbler on Galaxy since she has very delicate feet. If the shoes don't fit perfectly it is easy for her feet to get injured. She doesn't want that to happen when she's on stage since she wants to only concentrate on singing.

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December 20, 2058

Title: I like Christmas.

I like Christmas.

Christmas Eve is nice too,
The day after Christmas, there is still some noise within your heart that leaves it ticklish, you see?

That is just irresistible.

This Christmas,
the underground aquarium at the SO 5 Hotel was reserved for the party.

I think you may know this already,
but almost all the fish are holograms.

But you know, this season it seems that another Macross fleet loaned them some "Manbou" for a limited time! (From the picture I guess manbou are sunfish.)

You have to see this!

Anyways, what a stupid looking face.

But it is quite a lovable face.

It understands itself.

By the way, the dress that I chose this year was a champagne gold mini. The brand is "Coffee Vinegar". (Excuse the terrible attempt at transcription.)

I am sent dresses from many designers every year,

but this year Coffee Vinegar was the most stylish.


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December 24, 2058

Title: Do you know what I'm talking about?

Pale Cream.


Pedro Hinemez. (Please don't ask me about these, deciphering words from katakana has never been my strong point...)

Simply by decorating a room with gold (again this is from katakana, not kanji, so I'm not too sure about it being "gold") that seems to draw you in can blow all your unwanted feelings away.

Galaxy did not have any pure natural things, but do they exist somewhere in the galaxy?

That's right, the one I received as a present long ago was a cheap imitation.

Hehehe. (It's not actually this, but more of a mature feminine, under the breath laughter)

Do you know what I am talking about?

"Girls definitely want one Venetian Doll" is my favorite saying.

It is such a wonderful analogy, don't you think? Partners just have have this type of relationship.

(Ok she's got me, I have absolutely now idea what she's talking about...)

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January 7, 2059

Title: How do you look when you sleep? (They are actually asking "What do you wear when you sleep?" but Sheryl interprets it as being this.)

During a recent magazine interview I was asked a really strange question.

How do you look when you sleep?

Strange. Don't you think?
Are you interested in how I look when I sleep?
I just laughed and said that I usually look like the 大 character when I sleep.
Do people not normally sleep this way? Like a 大 character that is.


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January 11, 2059

Title: The day you first fell in love.

Do you remember the first time you fell in love?

I am not talking about who you fell in love with or the first place when you had a date.

Do you remember the emotions you felt?

I remember them even now.

It is as if a cold, pale cold radio tower were constructed around my heart in an instant.

That tower definitely caught the different emotions and words that I experienced at the time and those things play a huge role when I am writing a song, is what I think.

You have to fall in love.


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January 12, 2059

Title: Kapuera (Pam's Notes: it's supposed to be capoeira iirc...)

Have you ever done kapuera?

It's quite enjoyable.

It feels as if I am mastering something that a woman needs. (Hime learned this the hard way it seems)

Loosening up when it is needed,
tensing up when it is required.

Afterwards, your fighting spirit is awakened.

Uffufu, right now, I'm invincible.

Come at me however you want.


Picture Caption: This is the outfit I wear for my lessons.

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January 18, 2059

Title: A profile?

(I'll just translate this since it's only 2 lines)

Such a thing doesn't exist.

The Sheryl that you feel is all there is.

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January 31, 2059

Title: Underwear

What is with this?
The color of underwear that guys like that is.

White, pink, light blue.

They like these vague colors?

I'll be blunt.

I absolutely hate vague colored underwear.
To the point that my emotions get constricted.

Also, a word of warning to girls.

Girls who wear haphazard underwear, both the top and bottom, will never encounter fine love no matter how long they wait.

what is the point of not deciding correctly?


Picture caption: If you are an adult...

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February 2, 2059

Title: [How can I get better at singing?]

She talks about how she gets asked this quite often. She says that everyone is reborn when they sing since people aren't born with the ability to express themselves in any way other than crying. People should just sing without thinking about trifling things.

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February 4, 2059

Title: Petite whatever...

Food, environmental conditions,

There are many different types of allergies, right?

Lately, I have come to understand that I have a "petite" allergy.

Understand? "Petite."

Petite tomatoes, petite cosmetic surgery, petite lunches, petite poodles...

Why "petite"? Why "a little"?

Why not just go the allllll the way!!!?

I can love finely detailed beautiful things, but I guess I should stop here with the negative thoughts.
Still, I can't accept things that are made "petite."

But, things that are originally "petite" are fine.

I welcome tiny, adorable things!

Take rice for instance, it's white and small and if you look at it closely it is almost like agate, so I feel it is incredibly cute. (Ok the メノウ and シマシマ kicked my ass in this. I would like to vocalize my incredible hate for all things katakana again.)


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February 4, 2059

Title: Cows

Huge mail order success!

I heard from a gourmet idiot (in a good way) staff member that "KachiKochi cows are macho types" and you sprinkle it over rice. (OK I have absolutely no idea what the captioned part meant...)

It's awesomely good!

This is bad, I've already ordered another dozen!

...though some arrogant idiot (in a bad way) wrote a blog and caused the next shipment to be scheduled for January of 2060!!

Really, I can't help it anymore.

Are they trying to starve Sheryl Nome to death?


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??? 9, 2059

Title: Concert

I'm shivering throughout my body!

It feels as if all of my pores are open!

Concerts are like the poison of the Labyrinth!!
No matter how many I perform I always feel so good.
They are all like this.

No matter what type of magic you use you cannot replicate the same concert.

To everyone in the galaxy,
I'll place the words "I love you" in a melody and throw it to you!!

For those who have yet to attend one of my performances, you're only living 4/5 of a life, how unfortunate.

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March ??, 2059

Title: Right now...

She says she's staying on Frontier and how it's a really beautiful place. It was unfortunate that her concert was interrupted, but she tells people not to be sad since she'll sing towards the sky so that everyone can hear it no matter where they are. For those that don't believe this, she swears on Sheryl Nome's name that it will happen so they should be good boys and girls and just wait.

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March 3, 2059

Title: Enough to make me shiver

She talks about a singer from the 18th Macross fleet that went to Galaxy three years earlier. They did a musical program together and Sheryl has no interest in other artists, but she became interested in this woman. She first saw the singer in a magazine and could not forget her face as she stared straight at the camera. That's why she went to a musical that the woman performed in even though she doesn't like musicals. She always wants to shout "Why are you singing over there?" and actually did so once from the audience, thus arousing the anger of her manager. This musical, though, was wonderful, especially the singer's voice. She has never seen anyone who seemed to have a breeze blowing from their bodies before. And if there were more like this singer, it would troublesome for her. She met someone else like this though. This girl was adorable and had very direct eyes. When she met this girl it was as if a wind were blowing across her face. From the look in her eyes, the girl was definitely the perpetrator.

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March 13, 2059

Title: Acupoints

I was introduced to the acupoints of the foot at the hotel salon I always go to!

I immediately tried it out.

Upon pressing on the bottom of my foot, the esthetician immediately commented, "You have a strong singing voice".

Isn't that obvious?
How often do they think I use it?

One more time.

The tip of the thumb cause a lot of pain.

When I asked, I was told that it was the "acupoint for the head".

I didn't realize it then, but
does that mean there is something wrong with my head? [it also means "does it mean I am stupid", but I don't think she actually wants to say this ;)]


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April ??, 2049

Title: This long tour is...

This long tour is finally nearing its end.

Prepare yourself, Frontier.
I'll love you to death.

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April 1, 2059

Title: Signature

A ten year old boy asked her for an autograph and she gave it to him even though she almost never gives them out. She only does a limited number of autographs using a type of prism ink that's created specifically for this purpose on Galaxy. She also asks if autographs are really that desirable. She gave it to him because he was looking at her so earnestly. "Frivilous men are burdens, but sincere men are treasures." The kid wanted her autograph so bad because his newborn sister is named Sheryl. She's never talked about people's names very much so didn't know, but it seems there are quite a few Sheryl's out there. "Chibi-Sheryl." She feels that these parents place a really cruel fate upon their daughters since there's a "huge barrier? sempai? in front of them." "Today's autograph was special. It is like a protection charm for Chibi-Sheryl. This type of service doesn't come often. Next time I am asked, I won't do it."

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April 2, 2059

Title: ...I was tricked.

My sense of direction is perfect.

When I was on Galaxy, I was as good as any guy.

You know the saying, right?
Women don't look at maps. (Interesting since it's the guys that this is quality is attributed to here in the US. Well that and not asking for directions.)

Anyway, who was it that first said this?!
Isn't it just that the girls around them coincidentally did not look at maps?

That's right, one time a TV producer gave me a ride home in his DA-CHAM after work, that was the worse.

Since his nonstop talking was annoying I was a little spiteful as the navigator so we got completely lost.

The reason for that was because we didn't make the U-turn.
I really wanted to show him.
But it was game over.
I got off right there.

Really, I was better off not remembering that.

So, when I came to Frontier I've gotten lost so many times.
The great Sheryl Nome has!
This is a lifetime first!
"No uncertainty! Doing anything I am able to!"
For me, whose motto is this to have this happen!
Why I couldn't recognize any of the roads no matter what.
This was a shock. Quite.

Then I found out... order not to make tourists on Frontier bored,
it seems that the townscape changes periodically!!!?

No wonder that, even though I travel the same street over and over, houses and shops that I had never seen kept appearing...I was dumbfounded.

Really... tricked me, Frontier!!

Just kidding. It's quite wonderful, Frontier.

A very stimulating [entertainer]. (I think it's entertainer, but not sure since it's "tentaateinaa" in katakana. I assume that someone typed ten instead of en by mistake. Damn katakana...)

I'm quite taken with it.


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April 7, 2059

Title: Hehehe

Sheryl's invented a game in which they gather all the staff members' cell phones and stack them into a tower. Then they start calling each phone and whoever owns the phone that causes the tower to collapse loses. The punishments are kept secret because "it is more scary that way."

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April 10, 2059

Title: You may get to see a new Sheryl.

Today I received an offer to be a model for a show.

The offer is to be the new face of a hot new brand that is on the rise on Frontier, so I'm thinking about it.

I don't really want to be tied to one brand.

But, this brand has me a little excited.

They really have a cool way of thinking.

To change the world through what one wears.

I find this quite wonderful.

To change the private face of person as well as the face that they show to the outside world...
...this is quite an important thing.
If you improve only one of these faces, you upset the balance.

It is about one's self,
what is inside as well as what is outside,
one's spirit as well as one's appearance,
by keeping these things in a constant struggle against each other you can reach new heights.

My excitement has grown as I have written this.
It really makes me want to do it,
this job.

...This might mean that you may get to see a new Sheryl.


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April 11, 2059

Title: An incredibly skilled...

She's found an incredibly skilled beautician. She can't just wait until she gets back to Galaxy before having skilled workers so she's looking to hire a new one. She was lucky enough to meet a genius beautician who goes by the name of "Miya" (I think this is the name). The beautician has wonderfully smooth scissor work and is somewhat peculiar, but there is nothing wrong with their sense. She's heard that for people in a certain country, "Miya" is the name of the craftsman that makes the tools and the places that God uses. With this she's ready for any number of interviews or photo shoots.

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?? ?? 2059

Title: This time...

She talks about how she's been chosen as a judge for Frontier's Miss Macross pageant and how it'll be interesting. She tells the people who have foolish worries about failure to come. The girls participating in the pageant will serve as guideposts for them. Also since it's an invitation from Sheryl herself, they can't really refuse, can they?

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April 15, 2059

Title: Cucumber?


I saw something that was such.

I was traveling in a car when I saw it at a glance,
a long, thin green rod-like thing being eaten...

by adults and children as they walked.

What is with that...
What are they doing? Is it any good, being raw and all.

My manager just informed me.
That it is called a cucumber.

It seems that it is something eaten at festivals.
Still, how mysterious.

Wouldn't it be better to cut it and eat it at home.


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April 19, 2059

Title: Tendering moving.

I have a new pen.

Pens are one of my indispensable tools.

I wasn't very into them, but the presents given to me by my fans contained an incredibly stylish pen.

The style is... how should I say this?
It is the same as the limp cell phone that has been all the rage on Frontier.

When I hold it, it tenderly shapes itself to my fingers.

In the beginning, it was a little ticklish, but once I was used to it, it was quite pleasant.
The pen becomes a burnished light blue feather,
and whenever I write kanji it vibrates slowly.

It is a almost like angel soaring in a blue sky.

When I use this pen to write song lyrics, words that can reach those far away are born in great number.

Ufufufu... (feminine, under-the-breath laughter)

Oh, well this is the end of the blog entry!
Right now, we just landed! See you later.


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April 20, 2059

Title: How was it?

She talks about the Miss Macross pageant and how fun it was. She then comments how she was very careful about not compromising on "quality." She also asks if anyone has ever chosen "love" because they were fooled into thinking it was real simply due to the fact that it was fun or because the timing was right. Of course she never has and uses the analogy of bad wine being always left in the wine cellar. "If you have a problem, use your hands and crawl up here!! Don't wait to be chosen, choose for yourself."

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April 20, 2059

Title: Business Cards.

I wonder how long the custom of exchanging business cards will last.

On Galaxy, it has already disappeared.

Everyone has implants so there is no need for it.

Since I'm natural I can't learn people's names directly from their minds.

I've said "Nice to meet you" to people I had already met before many times.

On Frontier though, exchanging business cards is still customary.

You know, it actually feels quite good.

It brings a sense of relief.

Things placed into your hand from someone else's are actually quite warm.


Picture Captions: Speaking of which, I was recently given a business card by some suspicious grizzly haired guy proclaiming himself to be a music producer...

-was like this.

How foolish.

Once he realized I was Sheryl Nome, he dropped the card and ran away with his tail between his legs.

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April 22, 2059

Title: Rainbows!


It seems that rainbows on Frontier have eight colors!?

On Galaxy, for anniversaries or festivals they use holograms so it normally has seven colors...

The pen is mightier than the sword, after all.

That's not right?
Reality is purer than a novel?

natural spontaneity is much greater than human imagination.


Picture Captions: Actually this talk about rainbows is what I heard from the suspicious self-styled music producer (Bleached White Hair) that I spoke about before. At first, I had no idea what he was talking about.
Why, "rainbows" are always

-like this, is what he said.

It seems there is a useless tradition in the music industry.

Quite lame.

Well then, I should go to work then.

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April 25, 2059

Title: Me, that girl, and him...


The only pair of sunglasses that I've been wearing lately was broken.

It broke right at the part when it rests on my nose so it pricks me.

Really, I was rather fond of it.

I don't wear light sunglasses very often.

I always wear dark sunglasses.
This is a rare color for me.

My eyes are sensitive.
I can't spend too much time in bright light or my eyes will become fatigued.

That's why I wear special contacts when I'm doing a concert.

Of course, Galaxy sells them, but they seem to be rare on Frontier so I'm having a hard time finding them.

But without them it is inconvenient since I can't just wear sunglasses all the time.

Still, sunglasses are a must for when I'm with people I don't want to make eye contact with.

When I meet with people I don't like my dislike shows on my face so I'm asked to bear with it. By my staff.

It's really weird.
After all, there's a reason for disliking the people I dislike.
What's the big deal if they find out that I don't like them.

If a job doesn't go well or if the atmosphere becomes bad simply because of this, I'd decline to do it. It wouldn't have turned out well anyway.

If you're a pro, you would want to place importance on the talent, not the person anyway.

That's right, the pair of sunglasses that I liked before this pair had a dark red frame.

It is the commemorative sunglasses for when I met that girl and him so it is decorating my bathroom now.

Today was boring so I thought I would end it by writing a little and I'm reliving a little bit of the excitement from that day.


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April 28, 2059

Title: Yellow Ponpon!

Tomorrow is the birthday of someone I know.
Anything is fine for boys, but for girls, there is something that I have to give.
I choose the type of flowers according to my image of her.
Galaxy has absolutely no plant life so they have to be shipped from other fleets.
It takes a lot of work, Frontier is so convenient.

The girl who will age a year tomorrow is small with popcorn-like splashes and possessing of a strong energy.

That's why I chose a "Yellow Ponpon".

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May 3, 2059

Title: Enough already.

In this world, there are many living things, and there are just as many ways of thoughts and opinions, but slanderous rumors that make your ears bleed upon hearing them should just disappear into space.

Buuuuuut, that's no good, even in space it would be troublesome if such a thing were to be disseminated.

I'll say it however many times I need to. Excise it from your idiot brain.
I'll definitely return to Galaxy.

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May 6, 2059

Title: I got myself a pet.

Listen and be surprised!

I got myself a pet.

All the animals on Galaxy have implants so I've never had any interest, but Frontier is different, right?

I've met one.
I visited a store for a magazine interview and it was love at first sight!

The name of this living being seems to be "Little Sea Monkey".

It was swimming inside a beer mug at the store.

An incredibly small, translucent lifeform.

A school of tiny shrimp all swimming around.
Have you seen these before!?

It seems that simply by letting the powder-like eggs dissolve in water, they come forth of their own volition and swim!

Don't you think this is incredible?

The eggs are a powder! They would disappear in a strong wind.

Life is such a mysterious thing.

Seeing this makes me feel that I can fight to continue living no matter what happens.

I gained power.

right now,
I've placed the powder in an unused wineglass.

Simply by looking at it, you would never think that life is dissolving inside, but it should definitely gift me with wonderful motivation.

What do you think?

Would you like to care for the "Little Sea Monkey" together with me?


Picture captions: Mail order provides ...this.

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May 8, 2059

Title: People and connections...

...what does this mean?
How do people form connections?

Take belongings for instance, no matter how many times you lose them they will come back to you.
As for people, no matter how many times they split, they come back as lovers. (I'm not sure of this since some of the kanji and kana are garbled by the encoding)
It feels as if they are drawn back to each other. It is as if they need each other.

Whenever I lose something important, I am only depressed for about a day.

This is part of the "give and take" relationship, and it just means that it's over.

For instance, if I lose a charm, it just means that it becomes someone else's charm.
If it is a person, it just means that they have found a new happiness, or so...

Anyways, just take it! Right?

Recently I was suddenly parted from something very important to me.

I was too busy to fall into a depression over it,
I'll take that time today.

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May 9, 2059

Title: Ex-Gear

...I sort of used one.

All the muscles in my body are sore...especially the inner parts of both of my thighs.

For me, this is so shameful. On Galaxy I used to spend an hour and a half of everyday at a private sports gym doing a full course of weight lifting, aerobic exercises, and even muscle training, but when I came to Frontier I centered my routine around stretching and [steam yoga].

So I am basically reaping what I sowed. But even with that, the workout that I had today was not ordinary. It seems I unknowing used muscles that I don't use very often. Well, I did safely recover the thing that I was trying to recover.

And I did get to see Frontier's beautiful sunset from the perfect vantage point and I also did get to prepare for my future schedule so I have no regrets.

Now I will get into my "Blackbus" and get a thorough massage and then go to sleep.

Good night, the continuation of this will be in dreams.

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May 12, 2059

Title: School

Everyone was surprised!

Well, it was Sheryl Nome in the flesh after all, it would have been nicer if there was a bit more of a commotion though.

But I can't wrap my mind around it.

I just have such a reason...
an adult reason that is.

It looks like this will be quite interesting.

But I have one worry.
That is the restaurant in school...
My basic lunch is salad and soup,
but not just anything will do.

It must have "baby leaf".

Chemical seasoning in the soup is a definite NO!
Well, that doesn't need to be said.

...can't help it.

I'll just have to find Frontier's best Italian chef tomorrow.

While I am at it, maybe I should set up an open terrace. Hehehe (It's not actually this, but more of a mature feminine, under the breath laughter)

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May 13, 2059

Title: N/A

I have no desire to sing duets.

I tried out a certain studio on Frontier.

While I'm here I have to record a few songs, after all.

Recently, I used Frontier's largest studio, but...

...for some reason it just didn't fit very well.

Frontier is different from Galaxy in that there is real plant life here.

Picture caption: Do you see it?

I know it has to be that.

All living things sing songs as live their lives.

My voice is being butchered.
By an impertinent *piece* of grass!

But, it's vexing so next time I'll sing a duet.

I have no desire to sing a duet with another person, but
since it's a just grass, it will probably do as it is told.

We might actually create an unexpectedly good song.


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May 1?, 2059

Title: Anyways, time to kill.

Hair growing on the heart;

"so such a phenomenon really does exist" is what I thought to myself.

For example, you hear stories about fungus growing in the lungs, right?

I figured that hair growing around the area of the heart was the same thing. Short fuzzy hair, that is.

Yesterday one of my classmates told me this and I was shocked.

"It grows there without me knowing??"

was how I felt...

I learned the true meaning of the saying earlier.

Anyways, tomorrow I am going kill them.


T/L notes: I don't know what this saying really means so if anyone could enlighten me, I'd appreciate it.

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May 15, 2059

Title: A definite recommendation.

For instance, whenever people feel a little unsure, they want to hear a certain person's voice.

I have come to understand that feeling a little.
(I can't make out this line since the encoding is gabling stuff again, but it's about shallow conversation I think) Using decorative words to speak is infuriating, but it is quite nice, though.
I am thinking that I would like to speak like this some more.

Is this an extravagance?

To me this is a very new type of human relationship.

This experience is certified by Sheryl Nome.

A definite recommendation.

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May 17, 2059

Title: The result will be great.

Is it the end of the month?

You should be able to get the details if you check the TV listings.

I have a documentary program.

The title is "The Galactic Fairy: Taking Up Arms for Her Homeland"!!
This is the tentative title, but there is a 99% chance that this will become the official title., not tentatively, this is official.
Yes, official.
We'll just ignore that annoying 1%.

Anyways, watch it.

It is much better than some low-brow news program.

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May 20, 2059

Title: Supplements

I have a great respect for supplements.

For the sake of my health, I watch what I eat everyday (I say this although I leave it to my nutritionist and chef) as well as exercise.

But there are nutrients that hard to get into your body, right?

It is for times like this that supplements exist.
Really, I love them from the bottom of my heart.

The supplements that my manager provides for me are especially wonderful.

What kind are they I wonder?
I leave this to others as well, so...

Well I'll haven't find out who the maker is this time.


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May 21, 2059

Title: Time off

That was a close call!!!!

Time off on Frontier!
I met Zentradi...was inspired by Folmo shopping mall and the space size scale.

Now that I think about it, I haven't gotten any time off throughout my tour.
I've just been going back and forth between the concert halls and the hotels.
Really, I'm been such an idiot.

I never knew that the thing called time off was this stimulating.

It was really fun, kisses-thank you.

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May 25, 2059

Title: School is.

It's just as interesting as I thought it would be!!

School is really interesting, right!?

I am especially taken with the rooftop.

Well, I have memories of diving, but

I can understand why people have the desire to pick things up when seeing them from overhead.

Seeing students going to and from school, thoughts such as "those two are going out" or "they have worries" come to me quite since I can understand the situation quickly.

Is this what they call people watching?

It has never been an interest of mine, but the label

[Hobby: People watching]

might not be so bad.


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June ??, 2059

Title: Why...

Fingertips, hair, lips...

Why is it that emotions emerge from the edges of things.

Uncertainty, pain, and misery,
they have nowhere to go within the body,
so they gather at the edges?

Troublesome areas, don't you think?

is that why we want them touched?

(Picture of Sheryl's lips)

Want them to be touched?

Do you understand this feeling?

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June ??, 2059

Title: It is for me to decide.

I hate direction arrows.

Don't they seem somewhat self-important?

Telling me to go that way and this way.

I should get to decide which way to go for myself.

You too.
Don't be subservient to predestined direction arrows that just appear in front of you.


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June 23, 2059

Title: Turkey

The hotel that I am staying at now has pretty good room service.

I am quite taken with their simple sandwich of cheddar cheese and turkey on a lightly toasted baget.

Frontier has many ingredients that Galaxy lacks.

I have already ordered this about thirty 30 times.

It has become so that I can remember the taste even if I close my eyes.

I wonder if I can make this?
I know,
I think I will have a sandwich party at school the next time I am there.

To think that they will be able to partake of food made with my hands,
they may even cry due to overwhelming joy. Ufu.


Picture caption1: This...

Picture caption2: Legs are...

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June 6, 2059

Title: That's not a song!

I am about to go on a live broadcast of "Frontier 11" news.

"What is important to children right now" what they call the subject.

"Song" is one of the keywords that has been popular.
I am the commentator for this "Song" topic.

I don't actually have any comments.

If you could convey something through straightforward commentary,
then it wouldn't be called a song.

Well then, I will be going.


Caption for picture: If all you do is watch TV...

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June 14, 2059

Title: My song is the theme song

It seems like my song will be the theme song for a movie.

The lead role is played by Miss Macross, Miranda-chan.
I was one of the judges for the Miss Macross pageant
so I want Miranda-chan to do well, but...

...for me, this movie holds my interest for some other reason.

An interesting talent is coming out.
It is a girl that I wrote about before in my blog,
she's finally coming forth!

We get a chance to see a gem at the instant it begins to shine.

I've done many types of things for my work, but I've never acted.

After all, Sheryl Nome can only be Sheryl Nome.

I cannot be anyone else.
I have never thought about being anyone else.
Still, the performance called "drama" can move the hearts of people.

Of course "song" has the same power.

This movie is one of the rare productions that has both of these types performances.

Anyways, come and see it!!

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July 2, 2059

Title: I've been sneezing.

Is a cold going around?

Wasn't there one going around last year?
Frontier has an "NE?2" virus that causes very high fever, doesn't it?

Sounds dangerous.

That's right, a long time ago one of the recording staff members came to the studio while dealing with a bad cold. That wasn't funny. What if it had spread??

He was just being himself in not wanting to leave hole in the production, but he was directing his energies in the wrong direction.....
I don't dislike that kind of attitude, but it's about using all your strength to-get-better, then coming to work.
But before that don't get beaten by the cold....

Ahha!! I remember now.

With all the commotion this morning, I forgot to put the cleaning card on the door this morning
That's why the room wasn't cleaned.

No wonder I feel bad... this is why I've been sneezing.
I can't sleep like this so I'm going to get the cleaning staff on the job now.

Later. See you.

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July 7, 2059

Title: Such as jealousy...

It is said that things such as jealousy or a lie or a rivalry make a woman more beautiful.

But, that is only if it is done right.
Otherwise she only finds a dark self-loathing for her ugly self.

It is like a recipe for cookies, you only have to follow the procedure and place enough of the ingredients in so that you don't fail.


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?? ?? ????
July 15, 2059

Title: (Kiss is like spelled backwards in Japanese)

"Like" and "kiss,"
I wonder why they are inversely linked?

I suddenly thought this.

Can it be that something that makes us think, "How boring!!!!" can also make us feel wonderful??

I tried it out.

picture caption: This is the "jerig" that I was fond of last year. (no idea what jerig is, if anyone has any clue, please let me know)


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?? ?? ????

Title: I feel lethargic...

What does it mean to be busy?

There are people who's favorite saying is "I'm busy," right?
And of course there are people who ask "Have you been busy lately?"

What is with that?
Why are they asking such a thing?

If someone answers that they are not busy, do these people secretly think, "Serves you right," or something?

Do they feel the person that sends people off to their "busy" days is admirable?

These types of people have something wrong with their points of references.

Even if someone has only a minor amount of work each day, the question of whether they are "busy" or "not busy" depends on how they feel, their time management abilities, and their ability to deal with situations.

Even for a conversation with other people, this is one of the silly subjects. "I'm busy." Really...

That's why I won't let them know. Whether Sheryl Nome is busy or not busy, that is.

My answer is to smile and say, "Do not worthy, it is the same as always."

But if it is the "same as always" all the time, I end up not being able to hear what my body is telling me.

(I need some help here since Windows garbles up the entire line between 自分の体の声に気付かなくなるってこともあるけど and …………な~んかダルイのよね. If anyone can let me know what it says, I'd appreciate it. I wonder if it can be copy and pasted correctly by people who can actually see it...) know, I'm feeling lethargic.

Throughout my entire body.
I wonder if it is because I slept without any clothes on last night.

I will go to "Este" this afternoon.

(Windows garbles up Sheryl's name and date so if someone could tell me what it is I'd appreciate it.)

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July 17, 2059

Title: School Swimsuit.

Up until now I have never had to buy something because it was required before so this is fun.
Would this be called "school teaching materials"?
Yesterday, I got a swimsuit.
In layman's terms, a school swimsuit.

What a fresh design!
More specifically, a swimsuit that covers the waist can be nothing but a direct challenge to a young woman.
If she doesn't have the right look it will immediately show. (I don't know what スットーン means so if anyone would like to offer some help, I'd be awfully grateful)

I tried on some of the available school swimsuits, but none of them fit so I had one custom made.

I was asked, "Do you want your name placed on it before you wear it?"

It seems that it was to be put on the chest in white embroidery...Huh?
I'm Sheryl Nome!

Even without my name on it, everyone will know who it is.

This idea was just too novel so I rejected it.


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?? 18, 2059

Title: Somehow...

(Again, this is so short that I'll just translate it.)

My body's been feeling heavy since yesterday.

Is it a space cold? Did I eat and drink too much? Is it stress?
I don't know what the cause is, but....this is it for today.

Sorry. I'll be more energetic tomorrow.

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July 22, 2059

Title: Gallia 4

This time I'll be having a concert at a frontier world called Gallia 4.
Going to a place that I have never experienced is really exciting.
Especially since Gallia 4 has an atmosphere!!

I'll be singing in such a place.

How will my voice resonate under a sky, I wonder.

What will my ears hear, I wonder.

I am really looking forward to it!

Really, being so excited is causing my body to heat up.

I feel that I can't help but put my body into motion.
This is no good.
I'm going to the sports gym for a bit.


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July 23, 2059

Title: What is wrong with my body!?

What is wrong with my body!?

I tripped on the carpet at the entrance of a restaurant. (I'm not sure about this so I would welcome help with the けっつまずく part of the line.)
I couldn't fasten the belt of my bathrobe correctly.

I spilled the coffee that I was trying to hand over.

This all happened today.

Did I just not notice that I'm what people call a clutz...yeah right, that can't be it.

Really, I can't seem to move my body very well.
This sucks.

Could this be part of my biorhythm?


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July 23, 2059

Title: If only this were a song...

I'm not very good at bargaining.

But I'm even worse at taking things as they stand.

That's why I've thought up a somewhat unfair plan that may change the thought process.

Really, if only this were a song, I would be able to let them know straight out,



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August 6, 2059

Title: I can be proud. Of this me.

At times when I think I am at my limit,
the very first thing thing comes to my mind is whose face?

I have never had a person like this before.

But, singing my songs...

Being away from Galaxy and
making friends at school.

In this way, many things have happened in my life
and there is a person like this even for me.

I can be proud.
of this me.


Picture caption: That's right, that school

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Date Unknown
August 6, 2059 (?)

I can't really make much of the latest entry since almost all of the important parts are garbled.

She talks about how she's been a little depressed lately, but has finally found someone who's attack she wants to stop i.e. counterattacking Ranka's moe death stars. So she's more like her usual self. She can't sleep very well either.

It is dated of August 6, 2059 I think.

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August 16, 2059

Title: Who the hell do you think you are?

I'm sick and tired of you forecasting my end.

Who the hell do you think you are?

I would like for you not to take the fate that I have grasped lightly.

I'm about to go to war right now.

Please cheer me on.


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August 26, 2059

Title: That is what it means to sing.

You can hear the voices of many things.

The voice of a planet,

the voice of an opening soda can,

the voice of the one you love,

the voice of your own body.

They are not only expelled, but received as well.

That is what it means to sing.

The continuation of that is what it means to live.


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?? ?? ????

Title: I don't want this


The future that I thought would continue on forever will be devoured by darkness.


I don't want this.

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?? ?? ????

Title: Kiss

A song born in the evening becomes a girl.

A song born in the morning becomes a boy.

Without love, words cannot flow.

Words in turn ride the palpitations and become song.

My lips are red because of your repeated kisses of song.


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The last two entries are translated by Key Donut and Tak from Animesuki, respectively. Enjoy!

A reference to the song "Lion", perhaps?

I came with the intention of experiencing interesting things, but it seems I still have much to learn.

The new me within, who is willing to create something with another person. This sensation is miraculous. It's enlightening.

Greetings myself.
and thank you to you

So then,

listen to our song~

Truly, this kind of service doesn't happen very often.

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Sheryl/Alto = OTP!

Do you have it?

The real sky?

I have it.

Although perhaps at the edge of blue.

Someone will probably say,

For the longest time Sheryl Nome had always been Sheryl Nome.

What can be said... about this feeling?

Although free, but not free. Felt like my feeling being scattered into pieces.

Although the sky is higher than I thought, I am not afraid.

You taught me that.

Like a fish that will not drown in sea, I will not fall from the sky again.

Love and songs, from Sheryl Nome.

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