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Nyan Tra Liner Notes

Posted on May 10th, 2016.

I'm back with more translated canon goods! Like the Nyan Fro notes, Nyan Tra is also translated by Gubaba of Macross World. Unlike the previous installment, this one has e-mails! Including a passive-aggressive message against Ranka from a certain Miss G... (Grace, is that you?)

Nyan Tra is a nickname for “Nyan Nyan Soundtrack” (also called a “Nyaundtrack”). This album collects nothing but the hottest hits from some of the girls of Frontier. [Translation note: the Japanese character used for “Nyan” is the same as is used for “girls”]

Having somehow or other survived the long string of battles, the same two people from the last edition will continue their track-by-track commentary. Additionally, for this new edition, we would like to introduce a number of fan e-mails we have received.

Elmo Kridanik - Supervisor at the Entertainment Business Office, Vector Promotion. He is also a music critic. Hereafter referred to as E).

Carmen Oyamashita (Dai-Charisma Criticism) - Although she was rumored to be on Island 3 when it was purged, her safety has been confirmed. Music critic and self-professed Sheryl look-a-like. Hereafter referred to as C).

01. Prologue F
E) Ahhhh…Frontier! Frontier! (In the middle of the interview, Mr. Kridanik suddenly cries out with exceeding passion. It looks like he’s remembering happier days.)

C) Just because I wanted to go get some fresh Hippocow ice cream on Island 3, I got in a huge mess of trouble…

02. Northern Cross
E) Sheryl’s Revival Songs, Part Three! It was also remarked on for Part Two, “Fairy,” but here I’ll say that the biggest difference between Sheryl before and Sheryl now, is that in her current songs, the lyrics really cut deep. It makes me wonder if perhaps her heart hasn’t been broken. She hasn’t told me anything about whatever made her reach into this dark place for her songwriting. Whenever I hear this song, Sheryl’s singing just makes me bawl my eyes out.

C) While the Single Version ended with a fade-out, the ending here is somewhat different…well, anyone who listens to it will understand.

03. Triangler (fight on stage)
E) Aah, this one sounds like some beautiful girls pressing in close. Sigh…a manager is disqualified from having such hopes. But still, I, Elmo Kridanik, am just a man, and I’d die to have even a single encounter like that. Well…I wouldn’t have quite enough self-confidence to deal with it. And I wouldn’t be able to choose between the two of them anyway. So I’d really have to say that either of them would be perfectly okay with me and moreover… (The rest of the comment has been omitted.)

C) One kiss can give life or death. Really. It’s the nature of a woman.

04. HighSchoolLife
E) Listening to this one…it seems like it should go on longer.

05. Transformation
E) This is the theme music for a movie about a cyborg from the future…well, sure sounds like it!

C) …Crunch, crunch, crunch (currently eating a Zentradi carrot snack.) …Wait, how many of these have I eaten? You know, they stopped producing them when the ship entered Emergency Mode, so I’ve got to ration them carefully. I hope they start making them again soon.

06. The Sound of You
E) From the announced single collecting Miss Ranka’s “Aimo Anniversary” concert. After Miss Ranka had left my guiding hand and the newly arranged version of “Aimo” was produced, I began to be very worried that Ranka had changed. But after hearing this song, I felt relieved. But soon after that announcement, Frontier’s journey itself was derailed, and then I really learned what worry was!! And I know Ranka was really worried, too. By the way, to my of thinking, shouldn’t the song be “Dokan Dokan”? [Translation Note: “Dokan” is the sound of an explosion] Or maybe I just don’t understand anything!

C) Recently, I’ve seen a rumor on the net that this song causes skin-regeneration among the Vajra., and it really seems like the government banned its performance at first. Ranka Lee’s singing seemed to have caused more and more of them to come, but we’ll probably never find out the real cause. And the courts would be useless in this case. When I heard this song, I was also looking forward to its peeling power. I feel like I’ve already lost one layer of old skin.

[e-mail] Hold me –––––– Till the edge of the galaxy –––––– !! (Maruyama / Broadcasting Station Worker / Age 34)
[e-mail] When I heard your “dokun dokun,” my heart also went “dokun dokun.” When I was in the darkness of the shelter, I wasn’t scared because when I closed my eyes, again and again I could see visions of you floating in a plum-blue sky. I LOVE RANKA!! (Marumero / Mihoshi High School Junior)
[e-mail] Still needs to learn to sit, fetch, and heel. (Miss G / Secretary / Age 17)
[e-mail] Please sign me up for the fan club (Ebi / Apparel Worker / Age 21)

07. Test Flight Delight
E) This one’s great! Feels like dreams of youth! When I was young on my Zentradi homeworld, I was called the “Jeweled Third Son.”

C) Tempura Ricebowl, Carp Ricebowl, Deculture Ricebowl.

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