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[Sheryl gets far too much mileage out of teasing him, Slaine thinks, and not for the first time since having first met her. As soon as her hands let go of his, he draws them back, not quite comfortable with the notion of handling a goddess.

It's awkward enough that she's using him as a chair to begin with]

I wouldn't know where the humor is, only that you seem to derive amusement from it.
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What purpose would I have in holding a woman?

[Slaine withdraws his hands once again, half-difficult and half-convinced that he simply hasn't any use for such knowledge. How would handling women have anything to do with being a proper shinki for Hope?

He can think of no purpose it could possibly serve]
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[Slaine could wrench free. He's quite sure that he is strong enough, after a handful of winded scraps with Hibari. But he also knows that he could hurt her in so doing, and he doesn't want to cause that.

And so, he huffs out a vexed breath, slumping back against the couch]

I'll never understand why it is that you're so concerned over the prospect of a shinki having relationships.

[Especially him in particular. Is she like this with everyone? Does he remind her of someone?]
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That may be so, but I find it irrelevant to myself.

[Slaine doesn't question whether these parties truly exist, nor who they are. Whatever the case may be, the bottom line remains the same.

He truly believes that Sheryl's efforts are a pointless exercise]

I've no interest in courting anyone, much less someone so far above my own station.

[The words feel strange. It's less about sentiment and more about the knowledge that such gaps couldn't be bridged, even if he were to have anyone in mind.

Of course, he doesn't]
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[It's not the first time that she's called him annoying, or something else along these lines. Slaine doesn't know why anyone who becomes so vexed by him so routinely spends so much time around him, and so he doesn't think he has an educated answer to her question.

Unless, of course, she's trying to prove some sort of point. It could well be such a thing]

I wouldn't presume to guess your motives.

[Is the answer he ultimately settles on]
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[Slaine is silent for several long moments as he contemplates that answer...

After which he puffs out a vexed breath]

Is that all?

[Something so simple, so elementary? Surely she hadn't been denied such things before. It couldn't have been so unique to the experience of one with so much confidence in herself]

I see no cause to project an image onto the actuality of an individual.

[If only he remembered viewing Asseylum as his savior, because that's a damned high pedestal]
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I don't understand the allure of celebrity very well.

[He shrugs, because this is simple truth. Slaine doesn't get why people are fixated on people being famous, simply because they're famous. It's a strange phenomenon to him, and has led him to question what sort of background he must have had.

Glancing aside, he watches a picture hung on the far wall]

Ultimately an image is only that. Who someone is should be much more complicated.
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I'd like to think that most would, but it doesn't seem the case.

[As contrary to common sense as that seems to him. But people can love the idea of someone rather than the person, so isn't that the same notion?]
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That strikes me as deeply unfortunate.

[Seeing people as an idea rather than a whole.

Of course, he doesn't recall his lone friendship in his life may well have been deemed this]
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[Slaine is silent at first, as he considers those words. He finds himself once more surprised that Sheryl has dwelt on something that he'd said some time ago, thinking his opinion nominal at best in terms of importance.

Surely, gods have more pressing matters to focus on]

...I see no reason that you should thank me. [A beat, before he thinks to add-] I was simply being forthright in my opinions.

[As that is all that they are]
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I don't think it unacceptable — I merely acknowledge it isn't always possible.

[And on that, Slaine understands they disagree. He'd never say that people shouldn't be able to do better, especially if their merits should warrant it, but he's quite certain that isn't always within the realm of possibility.

No matter how one might strive or achieve, some things remain beyond reach]

It seems to me that pity is looking down on another. Sympathetically, perhaps, but looking down all the same.
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Let's say someone with considerable power saw fit to use it poorly. Perhaps he uses it to deny those with less any resources or means, or actively oppresses them, threatening death should they oppose. Under such conditions, with no one and nothing, an individual may have no viable opportunities.

[He's quiet after saying this, seeming to have nothing further to say. But he does speak up, after puffing out a tense breath.

The subject is difficult, even if he doesn't know why]

If people were to pity you... Do you not suppose that reflects on something within themselves?
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'Kay. I'll keep you updated.

[It's then she realized that she and Sheryl haven't exchanged phone numbers yet. It's still a strange, new form of communication but Ayumu admits that it does make keeping in touch easier.]

Oh, Sheryl-san, could I get your phone number? It'll be easier that way.

[She pulls her phone out of her haori. It'd also be a good idea to have numbers in case of an emergency, too, she thinks.]
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[Ayumu smiles then does the same. There aren't many numbers in her phone yet - just ones for her shinki, honestly. Even if she's barely used it, it's still nice to see her contact list gradually filling up.]

You'll be the first I'll call after I talk to him next.
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Of course.

[Ayumu laughs, grateful to have some guidance. And of course, a friend. She's making quite a few of those these days, isn't she? It's a nice change.]
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Then you'll be up against some fierce opposition if you attempt to challenge too much at once...

[ It's not a malicious warning, not in the least. It's a warning, period. She's seen it happen, after all. One god gets too many bad ideas and before you know it, they're six years old. ]

But perhaps I'm keeping you? There's too much cleaning to be done, to start...
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I can only hope we get answers to that soon.

[ Things were hard enough without this unknown power to deal with. Now they have newcomers coming in and ayakashi. ]

Whoever it was, please tell him it was Bishamon who distracted you from your duties. That should be enough to excuse you. However I make no guarantees that it'll work a second time.
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Did he?

[ Well, she hasn't made a bad impression on Tsuzuki so far so she isn't worried. But she does give a nod. ]

It was my pleasure. If you wouldn't mind, by the way, I'd appreciate it if you could dispose of any other... materials [ patting the box of dirty mags she's got ] you find.