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How's My Driving?

Do you like the way I play Sheryl? Do you dislike it? Please let me hear your thoughts in this post! Constructive criticism and praise are awesome, flames are not. If you have any issues, all I ask is for you to be courteous and elaborate on the flaws I need to work on.

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Posted on May 10th, 2016.

I'm back with more translated canon goods! Like the Nyan Fro notes, Nyan Tra is also translated by Gubaba of Macross World. Unlike the previous installment, this one has e-mails! Including a passive-aggressive message against Ranka from a certain Miss G... (Grace, is that you?)

Elmo and Carmen are still weird )
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Translated by Ickem at Animesuki! Here's the original blog. Because I'm an organization wench, I'll list the entries in IC order with the links via anchors, though I'll set aside the dateless ones in a separate category.

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I brought you translated stuff from canon! These are liner notes from the first OST that came from the CD jacket, but with two characters talking about the soundtrack IC-ly.

Translated by Gubaba at Macross World, but I originally found it at the Gabriela Robin fansite.

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Translations are here~ )

UPDATED: April 15th, 2016. Posted made-up lyrics for "Sheryl's Brother Spaceship".
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Yes, this is totally necessary. Will add the lyrics later.

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UPDATED: June 12th


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